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engl 2000 syllabus - English 2000-26 Syllabus, Education...

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English 2000-26 Syllabus, Education and Gender (Service Learning) Instructor: Laura Faulk 1:40-2:30 MWF Office: 26 Allen Hall 36 Allen Hall Office Hours: 12:30-1:30 MW Email: lfaulk1@tigers.lsu.edu (and by appointment) Course Rationale Two semesters of first-year composition are required because strong writing skills will help you succeed in most of your courses at LSU and in jobs after school. In our culture, writing is the primary medium of exchanging ideas, and people who know how to write well tend to be more successful than people who don’t. I want you to be the people who do. Because of the widespread use of computers, emails, internet chatting, and texting, college students today have written more than any previous generation. However, these mediums encourage informality, so this course concentrates on coherent, grammatically correct, and professional writing. Furthermore, this class is service-learning, so students will learn the importance of volunteer work and citizenship in general, specifically to question views the role of education, writing, and literacy in our world. In this course, our overarching goal will be to develop an understanding of what language, writing, and reading “mean” in our culture. Course Objectives Demonstrate ability in research and written argument. Undertake writing as a recursive process that develops and transforms thought. Learn how to conduct basic research and use it effectively in written works. The service-learning aspect of this course will be vital for your first-hand research. o Learn how to use the resources of the LSU library. o Interpret, evaluate, integrate, and document information gathered from print and online sources. o Understand a research assignment as a series of tasks that include finding, analyzing, and synthesizing information from primary and secondary sources. o Integrate information from sources into writing, and document this information appropriately. Respond appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations, with a focus on purpose and the needs of various audiences, using appropriate genre conventions. Adopt appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality. Apply knowledge of structure and organization, paragraphing, and mechanics.
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engl 2000 syllabus - English 2000-26 Syllabus, Education...

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