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Exploratory Essay

Exploratory Essay - Kendi Murungi Engl 2000 Professor Faulk...

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Kendi Murungi Engl 2000 Professor Faulk 13 September 2011 “No Child Left Behind” Both the articles I read for this assignment, “No Child Left Behind Act” by the New York Times and “Waiting for a School Miracle,” an opinion piece by Diane Ratvich (also published in the New York Times), focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the No Child Left Behind Act. The first article, which had no byline and seemed to be a historical summary of the act, raised a few questions. It starts by detailing the winding history of the act, which ranges from the conservative-backed passing of the act in 2001 to the dissension about the act today. When passed, the act mandated 100 percent of students in elementary and middle school being proficient in math and reading by 2014. Many saw this as an unrealistic goal. Others saw it as a valuable measuring stick for schools across the country to reach, which raises my first question. Do we really think 100 percent of kids in schools will be proficient in these areas? It seems a little naïve to me. Also, what puzzles
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