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oral reflection 97 doc

oral reflection 97 doc - with my ideas While the majority...

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Murungi 1 Kendi Murungi English 2000 Laura Faulk 14 November 2011 Oral Presentation Reflection: I chose the topic raising bilingual children because my parents are multilingual but in order to avoid complications in our schooling they chose to raise my brother and me as monolingual. This baffled me because if they succeeded in mastering three languages, how was it that we could not? Come to find out, there are many common misconceptions about raising bilingual children, the most common being: children being confused, taking too long to learn the language, and the child mixing up the languages. However, teaching your child another language actually enhances the child’s ability to absorb and process information. It does so by accessing certain pathways in the brain, thus increasing its capacity. Being bilingual also enhances one’s ability to secure a job because fluency in another language is extremely beneficial in our rapidly globalizing world. The class did not change my mind on the subject nor do I think that they differed
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Unformatted text preview: with my ideas. While the majority of them are not fluent in another language, they all expressed interest in learning another language but were concerned about the difficulty. The few that were fluent in another language found that it has helped them in their studies as well. We discussed the use of the Rosetta Stone program and its proven effectiveness, but the deterrent is the price range is a bit high for a college student. Some other social and cultural benefits from bilingualism include: being able to interact with your family on 1 Murungi 1 a more personal level with their mother tongue. Also, many immigrants have still not mastered the English language and helping to translate for them during a chance encounter is useful as well. After learning about the advantages of bilingualism, I am determined to master my family’s mother tongue and not only express my nativism, but also reap the benefits from my newfound bilingualism. 2...
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oral reflection 97 doc - with my ideas While the majority...

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