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service learning 1

service learning 1 - more talkative and engaged herself in...

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Kendi Murungi Laura Faulk English 2000 21 November 2011 Service Learning Reflection #1 While I was looking forward to meeting my reading buddy, Princess Douglas, she did not seem to reciprocate the feeling. During our first meeting, she barely spoke to me, avoided eye contact and was completely unresponsive throughout the readings. I know that it sometimes takes awhile for a child to become accustomed to strangers, so I did not think much of it and just hoped that she would eventually warm up to me. From the first visit it was obvious that Princess has difficulty processing words. She is great with the alphabet and the books we read focused on each letter of the alphabet. It is obvious that she wants to learn but she is not being stimulated to do so. When I returned for my next visit, Princess had a completely different attitude. She was excited to see me, she was
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Unformatted text preview: more talkative and engaged herself in the readings. We continued to read from the Alphabet Town books, as those seem to be her favorites so far and I believe that this is the best way for her to continue to participate during our visits. I am not exactly sure yet how to help her read when her word and sentence formation is so broken but I am hoping that my Everybody Reads packet will help guide me. She is great at identifying common animals, but there are other things she knows but is hesitant to say them aloud. I think that by reaffirming her when she is correct, she will be more willing to try things that she does not know. I am hoping that Princess will continue to start trusting me so that I can help her in every way possible....
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