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Kendi Murungi Laura Faulk English 2000 2 December 2011 Service Learning Reflection #2 I am really beginning to enjoy visiting my reading buddy. After a few visits I feel that I have finally earned her trust. Her face lights up when she sees me at her classroom door and she is all smiles as we walk down the hallway to the library. Even though she is quiet-natured, I can still see her excitement when she divulges stories from her holidays. Each time we enter the library she immediately suggests that we keep reading from the Alphabet Town series. I am happy to oblige, knowing that this will continue to strengthen our connection. She shares with me the books that she reads at home, similar to the books I read to her in the library. She is becoming more confident in her reading abilities with each visit, even skipping ahead in excitement. She still has difficulties pronouncing many
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Unformatted text preview: words, but that no longer prevents her from trying. It seems that my patience and encouragement is helping to build her confidence. When we first met, she could not even make eye contact with me and stared at the floor for the majority of my visit. From my experiences at this school, it seems that the teachers are overwhelmed with these alleged “problem children” and scold them constantly. To me, this only augments any negative feelings they may be harboring. Constantly being reprimanded in that manner could make any child hesitant to accept a newcomer. Princess is a bright little girl who clearly enjoys reading, but just needs somebody who will praise her accomplishments and inspire her to continue to work hard....
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