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service reflection 3 - arrived at the library that she...

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Murungi Kendi Murungi Laura Faulk English 2000 9 December 2011 Service Learning Reflection #3 Today I had my last visit with my reading buddy, Princess Douglas. We had some great sessions this week, and I hate that I am leaving her right after she opened up to me. In my previous visit earlier this week, Princess checked out four books from the Alphabet Town series and took them home to read with her. I was ecstatic because she did this with zero prompting. When I was a child, I enjoyed reading just as much as I enjoyed going to Disney World! I would look forward to the Scholastic Book Club catalogs and literally order about half of the books every time. Coming from that upbringing, it baffles me that people do not enjoying reading and most of the time it is because they struggle with it. I cannot even describe how it feels to know that I seem to have made that much of an impact on her in these last few weeks. She couldn’t wait to tell me about reading the books with her mom and how much she enjoyed them; she even told me before we
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Unformatted text preview: arrived at the library that she planned to check out more books at the end of my visit. This was coming from the girl who, on my first visit, sat at the table with her arms crossed, staring around aimlessly waiting for the story to end. It certainly does not take much to capture a child’s heart and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to make even the slightest difference in her education. As our last visit came to an end, Princess remained true to her word and checked out 5 more books. As I walked her back to her classroom, I could not stop smiling and telling her how proud I was of her. While I am 1 Murungi sad that I will no longer be around to watch as her reading abilities flourish, I am thrilled that she is the one taking the initiative to explore her potential. I hope that when she becomes a young adult, she can look back on her childhood and remember me as a stepping-stone on her path to a bright and rewarding future. 2...
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service reflection 3 - arrived at the library that she...

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