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Study Guide: Geography 1001, Section 1, Exam 3 Studying the terms and concepts in this list should help you be well-prepared for Exam Three on Tuesday, November 10th. Material from the text book I did not cover in class, lecture material that does not overlap with the textbook, the documentary Life and Debt , and the topics covered by our guest speaker, Kristin Wylie, are all fair game for test material. You will be asked to make connections and know material beyond the parameters of this study guide. Bring a number two pencil, large scantron sheet, and your student ID. There will be 50 multiple choice questions (at two points each), including around five mapping questions and four bonus questions. The test is in our regular classroom -- Howe-Russell-Kniffen 130. A class study session is scheduled for Monday, November 9 th at 5:00 PM in our regular classroom -- Howe-Russell-Kniffen 130. Feel free to come if you have questions or feel you needed to be guided more carefully through this study guide. Latin America Terms, Concepts, Events, Places *What are the geographic boundaries of South, Central, and Middle America? South America-countries from Panama south to Tierra del Fuego Central America- countries from Guatemala and Belize south to Colombia (doesn’t include Mexico) Middle America- Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean -Caribbean- island nations and countries in the Caribbean Sea, Belize, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana *How did this region come to be termed Latin America? -Spanish & Portuguese are Latin derivatives; -“Spanish America”-Spain’s colonial legacy, used since mid 20 th century th century Study map on page 127 Physical Geography : *Amazon Basin/Amazon River -Located in the Brazilian Shield (large upland plateau along the Atlantic); world’s largest river in terms of volume; -shields are relatively fertile and house major river bodies; not very populated (soil in the Amazon is very poor
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*Andes Mountains/Altiplano, -Altiplano- treeless high plains between 2 ranges of the Andes -Andes- North/ south mountain chain along western edge of South America; Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego * Volcanic Axis of Central America- Volcan de Masaya, Nicaragua; -Central American Volcanic Arc- a chain of volcanoes that extends along the Pacific coast line of the Central American Isthmus, from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, up to Panama; formed by an active subduction zone along the western boundary of the Caribbean plate * Panama Isthmus/Canal- - Panama Isthmus- formed about 4 million years ago through tectonic activity - Panama Canal- French attempted in 1880s, resulting in more than 20,000 deathsl (malaria & yellow fever); U.S. completed project in 1914; the distance from NY to CA was cut in half; U.S. reverted it back to Panama in 1999 Population : * Distribution trends, -Mexico and CA- dense interiors; maize agricultures in fertile volcanic soils; pre-
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exam3studyguide-1 - Study Guide Geography 1001 Section 1...

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