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Louisiana Terms, Concepts, Events Know the geographic boundaries of the Acadia and Acadiana regions. Population: Le Grand Derangement and the Acadian diaspora (lecture 12/1) Urban development patterns of New Orleans – High ground versus “back of town;” European downtown versus American uptown, nation’s earliest preservation efforts, “Second Battle of New Orleans” – French Quarter protected by National Historic Preservation Act, Impacts of raised freeway on Treme and Seventh Ward, Impacts of Urban Decay (lecture 12/3) Economic: Understand the factors that prompted New Orleans economic prosperity and decline (lecture 12/3)
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Unformatted text preview: Effects of 80s oil bust on New Orleans and Acadiana (lecture 12/1 & 12/3) Cultural: 1970s Cajun revival centered on language (CODOFIL), music, and food (lecture 12/1) New Orleans as the United States’ “first multicultural city,” generally know the city’s major ethnic groups and what attracted them in the 19 th century; know specifically about the Irish, Italians, and Creoles of Color and the parts of town associated with them, AS WELL AS CULTURAL PRACTICES AND HISTORIES THAT DISTINGUISH THESE THREE ETHNIC GROUPS (FOR EXAMPLE, MANY ITALIANS WERE FRUIT VENDORS IN THE FRENCH MARKET AND OWNED PROMINENT BUSINESSES, LIKE CENTRAL GROCERY, IN THE LOWER FRENCH QUARTER) (lecture 12/3)...
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