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Louisiana Terms, Concepts, Events: Know the geographic boundaries of the Acadia and Acadiana regions. Acadia - a portion of the French colonial empire located in northeastern North America that includes: Parts of eastern Quebec The maritime provinces Modern day New England Stretched as far south as Philadelphia *Actual specification by the French government for the region refers to the lands bordering the Atlantic coast, roughly between the 40 th and 46 th parallels Acadiana - the French Louisiana region that is home to a large francophone population As defined by the Louisiana legislature, it refers to the area that stretches from just west of New Orleans to Texas along the Gulf of Mexico coast, and about 100 miles inland to Marksville; includes 22 parishes Population: Le Grand Derangement and the Acadian diaspora (lecture 12/1) Le Grand Derangement - means the big disturbance; the expulsion of the French Acadian population from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to other British controlled colonies between 1755-1763; Occurred at the culmination of tensions between the British and French that had existed in Acadia since the area was ceded to the British in the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 The British were nervous about the loyalties of the French speaking inhabitants of the newly created colony of Nova Scotia and demanded that the Acadians swear an oath of loyalty to the British The Acadians offered to swear an oath of neutrality 1730- British agreed that they swear an oath of neutrality and become the “neutral French” 1749- new governor Cornwallis asked them again to swear; they didn’t; he didn’t take any drastic action 1754- another governor, Charles Lawrence, tried to make them swear an oath of loyalty, again, at the start of the French Indian War; they refused, so he deported them; sent them throughout the 13 British colonies, France, Louisiana and Britain Of an approx 23,000 Acadians before the deportation, an estimated 10,000 survived; approx 5,000-6,000 escaped to Quebec The Acadian Diaspora - after temporarily settling in New England, then the Carolinas, many Acadians eventually settled in Louisiana Louisiana was then controlled by Spain; the Spanish authorities welcomed the Catholic Acadians as settlers
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Louisiana-Rough Study Guide - Louisiana Terms Concepts...

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