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Chapterr 9 Privacy End-of-Chapter Quiz 1. Which is a characteristic of a strong password? a. A length of less than 5 characters b. A familiar word or the name of a family member or pet c. The use of characters, both upper and lower case, numbers, and special characters d. The use of an important date like a birth date or anniversary date 2.Which is not a benefit of cookies? a. They are used by online shopping carts to hold items prior to checkout. b. They can hold information like login and password, thus making it easier for individuals to login. c. They do not take up much disk space. d. They can be used to track a user’s browser activity. 3. In public key encryption, which item is kept by the owner of the key? a. Public key b. Private Key c. Digital key d. Rootkit 4. Who is an individual that deliberately attempts to obtain unauthorized access to a computer or network system with the intent to do harm? a. Zombie
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Chapter_9_Privacy_Quiz_Questions - Chapterr 9 Privacy...

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