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Chapter 13 End-of-Chapter Self-Test 1. Which is a common protocol used on the Internet? a. DNS b. IP c. XHTML d. PGP 2. Data is sent over the Internet using: a. circuit switching. b. protocol switching. c. DNS switching. d. packet switching. 3. A numeric IP address is usually represented by an alphanumeric: a. URL. b. SMTP. c. routing address. d. DNS address. 4. IP addresses that are assigned by an ISP and do not change over long periods of time are: a. called static. b. more secure. c. called dynamic. d. volatile. 5. Which is the primary Internet protocol used for viewing Web pages? a. JavaScript b. Telnet c. HTTP d. TCP/IP 6. Individuals connect to the Internet using: a. points of presence. b. network access points. c. Internet exchange points. d. Web servers. 7. Encryption of Internet e-mail: a. requires the use of specially designed client software. b. is built into the SMTP protocol. c. is built into most Web-based e-mail.
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Unformatted text preview: d. is prohibited by the Department of Homeland Security. 8. Which is a key component of cloud computing? a. Increase in IT employee headcount b. Decreased computing start-up costs c. Delivery of offline computing services d. Difficulty in increasing computing capacity 9. The costs associated with running the Internet are paid primarily through ISPs collecting fees from customers and from funding by U.S. government agencies. a. True b. False 10. VoIP uses packet switching technology. a. True b. False 11. A computer needs the XML address to locate a Web page accurately. a. True b. False 12. The main suite of protocols used on the Internet is TCP/FTP. a. True b. False 13. Instant messages are generally secure because most instant messaging software provides for encryption of messages. a. True b. False 1...
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