8.27;8.29 - • Inter personal communication-“Inter”...

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MASS COMMUNICATIONS 2000 NEWS VALUE Impact Consequences of events are far reaching Timeliness How long ago did the event happen? Proximity We are interested in things around us Prominence People are interested in famous people Conflict People like fights Rarity Rare events are considered news MEDIA LITERACY Elements of Media Literacy: Awareness of impact of media Understanding process of mass communication Strategies for analyzing and discussing media messages Understanding media content as a text that provides insight into our culture and our lives Ability to enjoy, understand, and appreciate media content by using multiple points of access Understanding of ethical and moral obligations of media practitioners Development of appropriate and effective production skills WHAT IS COMMUNICATION Communication-transmission of a message from a source to a receiver
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Unformatted text preview: • Inter personal communication-“Inter” means between-One on one communication-Lots of direct feedback (verbal and nonverbal) • Intra personal communication-“Intra” means within-Internal within your own head-Also lots of feedback especially if you have conversations with yourself • Group communication-One on more than one communication-close to one way but sender still gets lots of feedback from audience • Mass medium-Few people to many people-Carries -Allows the least amount of feedback • Culture- learned behavior of members of given social group • Functions and Effects of Culture-Culture limits our options Provides useful guidelines for behavior-In pluralistic society, dominant culture (sometimes mainstream culture) often challenged openly....
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8.27;8.29 - • Inter personal communication-“Inter”...

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