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MGT_3078_Syllabus_Spring_2012+MW (1)

MGT_3078_Syllabus_Spring_2012+MW (1) - GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF...

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GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT SPRING 2012 Instructor: Barry M. Marchman, Ph.D. Contact: (404) 894-5110, [email protected] Office: 413 Hours: MW 9:30 to 10:30 Graduate Assistant: Andrew Lee ([email protected]) by appointment. Web Support: http://t-square.gatech.edu Prerequisite: Financial and Managerial Accounting SUGGESTED MATERIALS: Textbook 1: Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 9 th Edition, Irwing McGraw-Hill, ISBN-13: 9780073382395 Alternates for Textbook 1: 9 th Edition, ISBN-13: 9780077246129 (alternate edition with extra chapters) 8 th Edition, ISBN-13: 9780073530628 (standard edition) 8 th Edition, ISBN-13: 9780073282114 (alternate edition with extra chapters) International versions and soft cover editions are acceptable and are available online. Textbook 2: th edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 13: 9780132479561 Alternate for Textbook 2: th Edition. Other Reading Material: Wall Street Journal and class handouts (including short case studies or articles). Calculator: You must have a financial calculator to be successful in this course. The following calculators are supported: TI BA II Plus, HP 10B, TI-83, or TI-89. If you have a different calculator, you may have to learn to operate it on your own. The instructor reserves the right to inspect calculators on exam days. *** Bring your calculator to class every day *** Course Catalog Description: An introduction to finance and to the securities markets. Topics include: time value of money, risk and return, capital budgeting, security analysis and portfolio management of stocks, bonds, and derivatives. No credit allowed for MGT majors. Credit not allowed for MGT 3078 and MGT 3062. Credit not allowed for MGT 3078 and MGT 3076. Note: Due to the large overlap in material, it is my strong opinion that you should not get credit for both this class and ISYE 3025 (Engineering Economy). However, until ISYE and COM can resolve this issue, it will continue to be a problem or a benefit (depending on your perspective). If you have already had Engineering Economy, then the first weeks of this class will be a refresher course. If you have not taken that course, you can view all the lectures at: http://www.isye.gatech.edu/engecon/lectures.php THE BUSINESS SCHOOL AT GEORGIA TECH Barry Marchman, Ph.D. Room 413 (404) 894-5110
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EVALUATION: Exams (75%): Three exams will be given during the semester. 1.
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MGT_3078_Syllabus_Spring_2012+MW (1) - GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF...

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