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MGT+3062+Exam+3+SPRING+2009 - MGT 3062 Exam 3 SPRING 2009...

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MGT 3062 Exam 3 SPRING 2009 Student:_________________________________ ID:___________________________ CIRCLE the BEST answer to each question. If you feel that the answer is not provided, show your work, explain your assumptions, and write your answer on the exam. Remove all hats and dark glasses. If you have to go to the restroom, go now. No electronic devices (besides calculator) are allowed. You may not use your cell phone as a calculator. As a courtesy to your classmates, no questions will be allowed after initial instructions are given. Have your Ga Tech ID readily available - especially if you do not come to class very oftern. Ethics Challenge: I swear by everything I hold sacred and my family honor that: the work on this exam is my own without any outside assistance; that I did not provide assistance to another classmate; that I used no electronic devices for information storage, retrieval, or communications; that I have abided by the Georgia Tech honor code in the preparation and execution of this exam. I understand that my professor will work to expell me from school if I am found to be in violation of any of these provisions. I further understand my scholarships, my job opportunities, my accolades, and my future success is threatened when I passively allow academic dishonesty in those around me. Signature:________________________________________________________________ 1. The implicit exchange rate between two currencies when both are quoted in some third currency is called a(n): A. open exchange rate. B. forward rate. C. cross-rate. D. interest rate. E. backward rate. 2. The agreed-upon exchange rate to be used at some point in the future to swap currencies is called the _____ exchange rate. A. spot B. swap C. parity D. triangle E. forward 3. How many euros can you get for $3,600 if one euro is worth $1.3334? A. €2,551.09 B. €2,699.87 C. €2,487.11 D. €2,513.33 E. €2,652.58 4. You are planning a trip to Australia. Your hotel will cost you A$165 per night for five nights. You expect to spend another A$3,600 for meals, tours, souvenirs, and so forth. How much will this trip cost you in U.S. dollars given the following exchange rates? A. $4,639 B. $3,572 C. $2,879 D. $5,482 E. $2,407
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5. You just returned from some extensive traveling throughout the Americas. You started your trip with $15,000 in your pocket. You spent 2.6 million pesos while in Chile. You spent 1.1 million bolivares in Venezuela. Then on the way home, you spent 62,000 pesos in Mexico. How many dollars did you have left by the time you returned to the U.S. given the following exchange rates? A. $4,039 B. $4,117 C. $4,007 D. $4,244 E. $4,299 6. Assume that you can buy 45 British pounds with 100 Canadian dollars. How much profit can you earn on a triangle arbitrage given the following rates if you start out with 100 U.S. dollars? A. $0.42
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MGT+3062+Exam+3+SPRING+2009 - MGT 3062 Exam 3 SPRING 2009...

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