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MGT 3062 Project Instructions – Summer 2011 The purpose of this project is to: Analyze a project decision using financial analysis tools, Learn Excel functions and techniques useful for project analysis, Use Excel spreadsheets to perform sensitivity and scenario analysis, Learn how to communicate a project recommendation in a clear, logical, and professional manner. General instructions: This is a group project. Self select your group. Groups may have 1 to 6 members. Write in the first person present. "I find that the company is overpriced." Projects with excessive spelling or grammar mistakes will be rejected. Turn in your analysis as follows: ..failure to follow this format exactly will result in a substantial reduction in grade Page 1: Title Page. Include your name, the date, and the title of your project. Page 2: Executive Summary. This is a ONE PAGE brief description of the project and your recommendation. Paragraph 1: Describe the project. Paragraph 2: Discuss the risks and rewards involved. Paragraph 3: Make your recommendation. Include numbers to justify your recommendation. For example, “I recommend that the board reject this project because the expected NPV is negative five million dollars, the IRR is only 8% and the average yearly EVA is negative 2 million dollars.” You can add more paragraphs if it makes your write up clearer. Page 3 - X: Your analysis in words. Take as many pages as you need to justify your recommendation. This should be a very detailed and well reasoned analysis. Do not just attach spreadsheets . Explain the work that you have done. At a minimum, compute NPV, IRR, MIRR, PI, and payback period. Briefly discuss each metric that you use. For example, “I compute the profitability index because it shows how much value is created for every dollar invested. It is calculated by summing the discounted future cash
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Project+Instructions+Summer+2011 - MGT 3062 Project...

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