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1D Motion Terms and Formulae Terms Kinematics - Kinematics is concerned with describing the way in which objects move. Displacement - An objects total change in position. If a man runs around an oval 400 meter track, stopping at the precise location he began, though he ran a distance of 400 meters, his total displacement was 0. Dynamics - Dynamics focuses on understanding why objects move the way they do. Reference frame - The coordinate system with respect to which motion is being described. Speed - A measure of how fast an object is moving. Average velocity - The time-average of the velocity function over a specified time-interval. (See formula below.) Instantaneous velocity - The value of the velocity function at a particular instant in time. (See formula below.) Gravitational acceleration - The graviational acceleration of objects near the earth's surface is the same for all objects regardless of mass and is given by the number g = 9.8m/s 2 . Scalar-valued function
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