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Laws of Thermodynamics - Laws of Thermodynamics We have...

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Laws of Thermodynamics We have introduced Thermodynamics using a statistical, quantum-based approach and have not relied on postulates. However, historically Thermodynamics was analyzed in terms of four separate unverified statements known as the Laws of Thermodynamics. We have more tools to verify the statements, though, and you may be surprised at the simplicity of the laws. Zeroth Law The Zeroth Law supposes that we have three systems in which the first two are each in thermal equilibrium with the third. Then the Law claims that the first two are likewise in thermal equilibrium with each other. Recall that the equilibrium condition was that the temperatures be equal. Then we have: If τ 1 = τ 3 and τ 2 = τ 3 then τ 1 = τ 2 . It isn't hard to see why this is so. First Law The First Law has many formulations. Historically, the Law is stated as such: the work done in taking an isolated system from one state to another is independent of the path taken. We know from previous study of mechanics that energy behaves the
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