Magnetic Field Theory

Magnetic Field Theory - F · da = div F dv The curl of a...

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Magnetic Field Theory Terms and Formulae Terms Divergence - A property of a vector field that measures its tendency to move away from a given point. Curl - A property of a vector field that indicates the amount and direction of rotational motion in the field. Formula The divergence of a vector field ÷ F = + + Gauss' Theorem Mathematical equation relating volume and surface integrals using the divergence of a given function:
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Unformatted text preview: F · da = div F dv The curl of a vector field curl F = - ,- ,- Stokes' Theorem Mathematical equation relating line and surface integrals using the curl of a given function: F · ds = curl F · da Equation for the line integral of a closed loop in a magnetic field B · ds = Equation for the curl of any magnetic field curl B = Equation for the divergence of any magnetic field div B = 0...
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