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Thermodynamics: Stats Terms and Formulae Terms Boltzmann Factor - Any term of the form e - / τ is called a Boltzmann Factor. Gibbs Factor - Any term of the form e (N μ - )/ τ is called a Gibbs factor. Gibbs Sum - The Gibbs Sum is the sum of all of the Gibbs Factors for the states and numbers of a system, and is given by: Z G ( μ , τ ) = e (N μ - )/ τ Partition Function - The Partition Function represents the sum of all of the Boltzmann Factors for the states of a system, and is given by: Z = e - / τ Planck distribution function
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Unformatted text preview: - The Planck distribution function describes the average number of photons < s > in a particular frequency σ for blackbody radiation and is given by: < s > = Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation - The Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation gives the energy density of radiation in a cavity, as can be expressed: = τ 4 Formulae The probability of finding a system in energy state if the system is in thermal contact with a reservoir P ( ) = The entropy of blackbody radiation σ = ( ) 3...
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