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ME 452 Machine Design II Homework Set 8 1. Work problem 13-8, page 701 in Budynas and Nisbett. 2. A spur gear set is to have a 3:1 reduction ratio. The diametral pitch is to be 8, and the addendum and dedendum are 1/P and 1.25/P respectively. The gears are cut using a pressure angle of 20 degrees. a. Calculate the smallest pinion tooth count possible without undercutting. b. Calculate the gear tooth count to mesh with this pinion.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Calculate the theoretical center distance for the gear set. d. Calculate the addendum and dedendum for the gear and pinion. e. Calculate the length of action for this gear set. f. Calculate the contact ratio for this gear set. g. Calculate the pitch circle diameters for the gear and pinion. h. Calculate the base circle diameters for the gear and pinion. i. Calculate the circular pitch for the gear set....
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