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Name of Student ______________________ ME 452: Machine Design II Spring Semester 2012 Homework Set 4 Attempt by Wednesday, February 8th Solve the following problems from Chapter 6, Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design, Ninth Edition, R.G. Budynas and J.K. Nisbett. 1. Problem 6-15 page 349. 2. Problem 6-16 page 349. 3. Problem 6-17 pages 349. 4. Problem 6-20 pages 350. Notes and Reminders Submit the progress report for Project 1 before noon, Room ME 3003, Friday, February 10th. The report should include such items as: (i) A brief paragraph describing your approach to determine the acceleration of the piston from a kinematic analysis of the single cylinder diesel engine (that is, the slider-crank mechanism). Include a copy of your computer program, and tables of your kinematic results (the data should be printed at least every 10 degrees of the crank position 2 θ .) (ii) A brief paragraph describing your approach to determine the reaction forces acting on the crankshaft as a function of the crank position
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