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ME 352 - Machine Design I Name______________________________ Spring 2012 Lab. Div. Number__________ Homework No. 2 Due: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 on Friday, January 27, 2012 (10 pts) Part 5 in Lab at your first Lab period the week of January 30, 2012 (10 pts) Also remember the Homework Notes (Will apply to all homeworks this semester) (i) The handout sheet must be stapled as the cover sheet to your solution. (ii) Your name and lab division must be included on the cover sheet. (iii) Please write on the front side only and write clearly and legibly. (iv) Homework is due at the beginning of lecture and will receive no credit if late. A four bar linkage has the dimensions listed below. Ground Link: O 2 O 4 = 6 in. Θ 1 = 60 degrees Input Link: O 2 A = 2 in. Θ 2 = 90 degrees Coupler Link: AB = 6 in. Θ 3 = 90 degrees (estimate) Output Link: O 4 B = 3.5 in. Θ 4 = 120 degrees (estimate) 1) For Θ 2 = 90 degrees choose a suitable scale and accurately draw the four bar linkage in its two possible configurations.
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Unformatted text preview: Measure the values of Θ 3 and Θ 4 for each configuration. 2) For Θ 2 = 90 degrees use the law of sines and the law of cosines to solve for Θ 3 and Θ 4 for one of the configurations. 3) Use the closed form solution (also referred to as Freudenstein’s equation) to solve for Θ 3 and Θ 4 when Θ 2 = 90 degrees. 4) Set up and carry out the Newton-Raphson iterative procedure to solve for Θ 3 and Θ 4 when Θ 2 = 90 degrees. Use the initial estimates given above and be sure to show all steps for each iteration. Continue to iterate until Θ 3 and Θ 4 converge to within 0.01 degrees. 5) Write a general computer program using Matlab which uses Newton-Raphson iteration to solve for Θ 3 and Θ 4 of a four bar linkage, given initial estimates for these variables and given the input value Θ 2 and the link lengths. To check your program, use the initial estimates given above and solve for Θ 3 and Θ 4 when Θ 2 = 90 degrees....
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