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me352_homework3 - ME 352 Machine Design I Name Spring 2012...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 352 - Machine Design I Name Spring 2012 Lab. Div. Number Homework No. 3 Due: Friday, February 3, 2012 1) Refer to problem 3.29 on p. 162 of the ME 352 text: Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, and determine the following: (a) Vector loop equation including the unknowns. (b) Position solution using the closed form solution. (c) Kinematic coefficients and the angular velocity of the follower. (d) Rolling contact equation and the kinematic coefficient of the roller. (e) Angular velocity of the roller. 2) For the mechanism shown below, the position solution for r; = 3 inches is given below. If the velocity of link 2 is 10 fi/sec to the left, use kinematic coefficients to determine f4 and @4. r4 = 2.45 inches where rl =1 inch 8] = 90 degrees @3 = 147.67 degrees r3 --= 2 inches ...
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