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ME 352: Machine Design I Spring Semester 2012 Lab Project No. 2. Due at the beginning of the first lab period during the week of February 27. A mechanism for the windshield wipers of an automobile is shown in Figure 1. The wiper motor turns link 2 with a constant angular velocity while the wiper arms, rigidly attached to links 4 and 6 at O 4 and O 6 , respectively, oscillate back and forth. Figure 1: The windshield wiper mechanism. 1) Based on the windshield dimensions given by your TA, determine suitable locations for the wiper pivots, lengths for the wiper arms and blades, and wipe angles swept by each wiper. 2) From the additional requirements and guidelines provided by your TA, synthesize link lengths for the mechanism in Figure 1. 3) Using the Newton-Raphson technique, write a computer program to determine the position variables of the mechanism for all input positions. Check your results graphically by drawing the mechanism in at least two positions. 4)
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