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OLS 274 Syllabus Template Course Number OLS 274 Course Title Applied Leadership: Functions, Structures, and Operations of Contemporary Organizations Credit hours: 3 Pre-requisites: none I. Course Description The focus of this curriculum is to introduce the topic of applied organizational leadership in the context of working organizations. In addition to introducing the basic functions, structure, and operation of businesses, this course will explore challenges faced by real organizational leaders via technology and a case study. This program intends to teach professional practices and habits that are critical for all organizational leaders. Students will participate in group activities and discussions that focus on organizational functions and operations. The itinerary is essential as an introduction to business organizations module for all majors, minors, and students in the College of Technology. II. Course Goals The focus of the direction is to prepare students for success in advanced OLS classes. III. Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) a) Course Objectives 1. Learn the introductory background information that organizational leaders are expected to know to comprehensively manage the function and operation of profit and non-profit organizations. 2. Apply knowledge about the function, structure, and operations of organizations by working in teams to develop solutions to a business case study. 3. Explore virtual technology, structure, operations and learn how organizations are using technology to become competing entities in global business strategies. b) Student Learning Outcomes Upon course completion the student will be able to: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of Organizational Leadership skills a. Organizational and Operational Planning and Analysis b. Communications, Training and Team development c. Business Roles, Decision Making and Leadership styles d. Employment related legislation and Human Resource Management e. Investing, Accounting and Business Financial Communities f. Trading, Marketing, Sales and Competitive Strategies g. Production, Performance and Distribution h. Operational Logistics, Distribution and Resource Management i. Strategic Planning, Risk Assessment and Legal responsibility j. Business and Organizational Structures i. International business trade and Multinational business strategies ii. Corporations, Organizations, and Small Business structures iii. Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurship and the Private Enterprise System 1
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k. Security and Information Management l. Ethics and social responsibility 2. Relate importance of Quality and Consumer/Customer Satisfaction a.
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accreditation_syllabus - OLS 274 Syllabus Template Course...

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