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Answers to Conflict Quiz 1. False . By using coercion, rather than conciliatory strategies, you increase the resolve of the opponent, thereby escalating conflict. 2. False . The large majority of people want outcomes to be fair; meaning that they do not want to deliberately take advantage of others and they want to get what they perceive to be equitable. However, because fairness has many definitions, people tend to focus on those that serve their own interests. 3. False . Even when people are faced with opportunities where they can take ad vantage of others, they frequently do not. There are several reasons for this: many people’s self- identities are such that they do not want to take obvious and deliberate advantage of others. People also feel uncomfortable reneging on their promises. Lastly, most people realize treating others unfairly is generally a poor strategy in the long run. 4. False. In general, people have a hard time empathizing with others; a more effective strategy is for parties to list the weak points in their own position.
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