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Unformatted text preview: Building Your Organization It is critical for an organization to have the right structure Organizing is arranging and grouping jobs, allocating resources, and assigning work in a department so that activities can be accomplished as planned. Basic Organizational Concepts Work Specialization-jobs broken into small steps with one individual accomplishing each step Span of Control-the number of employees a leader or supervisor can efficiently and effectively direct Basic Organizational Concepts Unity of Command-employees should have one and only one supervisor to whom they report Line authority-employees report directly to the supervisor, supervisor hands out the pay checks Basic Organizational Concepts Staff Authority-limited authority that supports line authority by advising with little or no direct authority Centralization vs. Decentralization-a central office makes the major decisions vs. decision making authority at the regional office level Types of Organizations CEO Traditional-Line/staff Sales Production Quality Donut or Team Lead Team Types of Organizations Human Resources Engineering Accounting Matrix Organization Manufacturing Area of Collaboration Purchasing Administration Delegation Allocation of duties Delegation of authority Assignment of responsibility Creation of accountability Willingness to Delegate Most of the time other people are to inexperienced Takes longer to explain then it does to do it yourself Mistakes made by others are costly Willingness to Delegate People are too busy to take on additional work I would rather do it myself Many people can not handle multiple responsibilities ...
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