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Student Name_________________ Class Time_________ Who Moved My Cheese? Discussion Questions 1) Name the four characters. 2) Describe their personalities or their social styles. 3) Why did the author use two little animals and two little people to make his point? 4) What does the cheese represent? 5) What does the maze represent? 6) What does the book say to you in relation to change? 7) Looking back to Managing Transitions , describe the Ending, neutral zone, and the new
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Unformatted text preview: beginning. 8) How did each character deal with the above steps in the transition or change cycle? 9) Which character do you represent? 10) What do you feel is the main message from the book? 11) If you had these 4 people working for you, how would you supervise each personality? 12) List pros and cons of the book. Your personal likes or dislikes. 13) Discuss similarities and differences between Managing Transitions and Who Moved My Cheese....
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