Dupont - As we walked through the manufacturing areas of...

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As we walked through the manufacturing areas of Dupont, the plant manager, Tom Harris, greeted each worker by name. The plant was on a site that stretched over 10 acres beside the South River on the edge of town and it was the major employer in the community. The plant seemed to be a permanent fixture, or at least more permanent than most things. There had been changes, big ones, but the plant was still the plant. The Orion manufacturing operation had been shut down, the equipment dismantled and sent to China. As far as I could find out early in my work there, these changes, despite their magnitude, were seen as doing the regular business of the enter- prise. No one framed the changes as need- ing unusual attention, so there was no change management design. The proj- ects-getting rid of one operation and installing another-were planned and executed just like any project. Change management was not a rubric used to either accomplish or explain what was going on. More changes were coming, whether there was any formal practice of change management or not. The plant would soon enough look very different from what I saw on that first tour with Tom. I first met Tom when he came to the University of Virginia seeking to make contact with the academic community in order to bring some of the latest thinking in busines~ to his operation. His interest lay in ir¢roducihg his managers to new ideas, and in applying those. ideas to improving the plant. He was not, he said, looking for solutions to specific problems, but rather in improving overall organiza- tion effectiveness. This was important because he was under increasing pressure to do more with less.
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Dupont - As we walked through the manufacturing areas of...

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