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Team Planning and Production Task: The Real Estate Problem PURPOSE (Objectives) • To explore the effects of objectives, planning, and organizing on team productivity and output To make a profit (a profit gets your team bonus points for the course) INTRODUCTION Most textbooks describe the management process as one that involves four functions: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. How each of these functions is performed will determine, to a great extent, whether a company is successful or not in meeting its objectives. Like larger systems, small teams must also consider these functions if they are to be successful. Frequently, team task accomplishment involves interdependencies among members and requires a high degree of coordination. In both cases, tasks to be accomplished must be analyzed and objectives must be established in advance. Once these objectives are clear, the team can plan how it will organize its members and utilize resources to achieve these objectives. In many companies, one of the objectives will involve profitability. Just as companies must plan and organize for production, they also need to plan and organize to ensure that profit objectives are met. In this exercise, you will have an opportunity to compete with other teams in constructing a building. The success of your team will be measured by the profit you make in your project. Profit is determined by subtracting costs from the total appraised value of the finished structure. As you will see, many factors are involved in determining the appraised value. Therefore, it is essential that your team analyze this task carefully, set objectives, and plan the best possible organization that will allow you to meet them. Teams that turn a profit will be given bonus points towards the course. PROCEDURE
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estate - Team Planning and Production Task: The Real Estate...

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