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Student Name_____________________ Class Time________ Discussion Questions: “Fish Sticks” by Stephen C. Lundin, John Christensen, and Harry Paul 1) What is Rhonda’s leadership situation at the hospital and what is the problem that she is facing? 2) What is the difference between external energy and natural energy and what is its significance? 3) What is a vision moment? 4) What is the IT? 5) How do you find IT? 6) How do you live IT? 7) How do you coach IT? 8) Regarding the 3 phases of transitions, Ending, Neutral Zone, and New Beginning, in
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Unformatted text preview: which of the three would the Fish Sticks change strategy be most relevant and why? 9) Recalling the 7 stage organizational life cycle from “Managing Transitions,” how can concepts for maintaining change from “Fish Sticks” assist a leader in helping to empower an organization to find rebirth and revitalization as opposed to death and dying? 10) Give your pros and cons around this book. 1...
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