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Guidelines for Good Meetings Although individual team members carry out assignments between team meetings, some of the team’s work gets done when all team members are together-during meetings. Many people dislike meetings, but meetings don’t have to be disliked. As in other processes, they can be studied and constantly improved. Productive meetings enhance the chance of having a successful project. Use Agendas Each meeting should have an agenda, preferably one developed prior to the meeting. It should be sent to participants in advance, if possible. If an agenda has not been developed, before a meeting spend, the first five minutes of the meeting writing one on a flip chart. Example: Date: August 22, 2002 Purpose: Watch and analysis team movie Time: 7 p.m. Place: Conference Room Time: Topic: Who: How: Outcome: 7:00 1. Check in All 7:05 2. Review purpose & agenda Carl Review Agree on agenda items 7:15 3. Assign observation assignments Carl Volunteer to watch certain characters Team members know which
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