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Student Name___________________________ Class Time_______________ Our Iceberg is Melting Questions Who are the 5 main characters in this story? How was Fred different from the other penguins in the colony? What part did NoNo play in the story? How can someone with this type of personality be beneficial to a group at times? The group formed a committee to analyze the situation and look into possible solutions to the overall problem before presenting the problem to the whole colony. How did they test their theory, and what were the results? How did the committee reduce complacency and increase urgency among the colony, and why was this an important act? Louis asked the Professor to make a list of each other the 5 committee member’s strengths. List one of the strengths the Professor mentioned about each member.
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Unformatted text preview: Louis asked the other penguins in the group to close their eyes and point east. What happened, and what does this show? In Managing Transitions, we discussed The New Beginning explain the purpose, give everyone a picture, have a plan, and give everyone a part to play. Give specific examples of how the penguins followed these crucial steps while implementing their plan. The organizational structure the penguins live in seems to shift from the beginning of the story to the end. What type of culture do the penguins begin in and what type of culture do they progress to? What are the eight steps towards a successful change? Is this book and the lessons taught in this book appropriate for this class?...
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