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Spring 2007 Journal Guidelines for OLS 388. A journal is used so that the learner can express ideas and thoughts in writing to cause self-discovery and therefore deepen the individual learning experience. You should feel free to express your ideas, thoughts, self-discoveries and conclusions in your entries. The entries are private between the student and instructor. However, some entries may be referenced in class. The instructor WILL NOT reveal the author at any time for privacy. A journal allows the learner to reflect on new material and experiences in writing. Guidelines All pages typed Journal entries are to be placed in a paper folder, most recent on top. Entries are to be made daily as you do 338 “stuff” Minimum 4 paragraphs (see below) for each day Date must be placed above entry They will turned in as asked for
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Unformatted text preview: Structure (use the following heading in your journal) … 1. What Happened - Describe what happened with you or your team using team terminology. 2. Analyze – your analysis of what happened in the context of team and team theory/models/interpersonal behavior. 3. Conclusions – what is your reaction to that day’s experience and what did you learn. 4. Decisions -how your experience will guide future decisions and action based on team concepts. 5. Point Total -include spreadsheet with your points to date vs. available points Grading scale (pts.) 15- all guidelines met and structure followed 5- some guidelines met / lack of effort towards structure is clear 0- not turned in or extremely poor effort towards both the guidelines and the structure...
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