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Movie Analysis Team Paper Assignment Important notes: Correct writing format for analysis paper. 1. Short introduction in which you give a brief summary of the movie. 2. Body of paper must be a minimum of five (5) pages or not more than eight (8), double-spaced not including the title page. a. Title page must have team name and the full names of each team member. Team members to initial beside your name signifying that each member participated in the review of the movie and in the writing of the paper. 3. This paper is not to be written in the first person (i.e. I, me, myself, etc.). 4. Font can be no longer than the font on this sheet (12 point). 5. Margins one inch from top, bottom, and sides. Analyzing Movie Characters Roles 6. Use character heading i.e. Jake Taylor. Example: Jake Taylor (Task Leader, Blocker, Initiator/Contributor) Talk about the specific behaviors (roles) he used and his effect on other members of this team.
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Unformatted text preview: Give specific examples of behavior , and then write your choice (in parenthesis) i.e. (encourager). Also discuss a talent that each character exhibits. a. Use Team Task/Maintenance Roles handout 7. End the analysis paper with a summary using one or more of the Behavior Theory Models. • Punctuated Equilibrium Model • Tuckman Model • Simon Stages • Power Bases Questions 8. What is the stage of this team at the beginning of the movie? How does the team change and what is the changing point that brings this team together, give specifics? 9. Your team must decide: Are the top six characters all the important ones in the movie? Are there others? In the following order: Analyze the top 6 movie characters from the IMDB movie data base. “Movie Name” ‘A COMPLETE TEAM ANALYSIS” “Team Name” Joy Bean Mark Larson Josh Cartels Nate Boeing Ryan Settling...
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movieanalysisassignment - Give specific examples of...

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