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net_meeting - Assignment on Virtual Teaming for OLS 388...

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Assignment on Virtual Teaming for OLS 388 Instructions for Using Windows Net Meeting 1. Login on the machine using your normal account information. 2. Click on Start, then Programs, then Course Software, then Technology, then OLS, then Net Meeting. If that does not work then: Click on Start, then Run and type in C:\Program Files\NetMeeting In the right hand column click on the world symbol Conf. Windows NetMeeting 3. Type in your name, and email address. Determine the IP# of your computer. The IP address is found on the card just to the right of your computer). If the card is not there the IP# can be found by going to Run, then type in Cmd then enter; type in ipconfig then enter; record your IP#; then type exit to get out of that window. Write IP# __________________________________ 4. If you are team member #1 then call a meeting by clicking on the Call (upper left) then New Call and type in the IP addresses of the persons you want to call. 7. Once everyone is online then you can start the exercise. Have each member select the chat room, whiteboard, and file sharing icons at the bottom of the NetMeeting box.
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