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org&mbrs - Organizations and Their Members...

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Unformatted text preview: Organizations and Their Members Definition : Organization A social group of 2 or more people that is goal directed and deliberately structured dividing tasks and responsibilities throughout. Change Leader's Outcome Effectiveness Degree to which the organization achieves it's goals Efficiency The use of minimal resources to produce the required outcomes (materials, people, money) Performance The ability to attain goals by using resources in an efficient manner Leadership Functions Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Change Leaders Role Informational Interpersonal Decisional Change Leaders Skill Set Conceptual Human Technical ** Change Brings About a Leadership Revolution Global competition Downsizing Outsourcing Political and social shifts New decision makers Diversity of the workforce New ways to make decisions Best Companies What criteria do you consider important in a company? Why are these criteria important to you? Are their specific companies that you might like to work for? How to Evaluate Organizations Forbes "Best Companies" Fortune " The 100 Best Companies to Work For" Visit prospective companies and go behind the scenes. Fortune: Most Admired Attributes Innovation Financial soundness Employee talent Long term investment value Social responsibility Quality of leadership Quality of products and services Criteria for Evaluating Leaders/CEO's Personal Reality based Forward looking Ethical Willing to admit mistakes Integrity Self confidence Patient Has emotion Adaptable Works well under pressure Proactive Trusts others Keeps their word Decisive Caring Intelligent ...
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