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QuestionsPresent - 2 What should you do with The Past 3...

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Student Name_______________ Class Time_______ Questions for The Present Chapter 1 – The Story of The Present: 1) What is success to you and why is it important to identify what success is? 2) Give an example of how your own concept of success has changed or how you have seen the measure of success change in another person or society at large. 3) What role does ‘perspective’ play in happiness and success? 4) What brings about skilled work and a job well done? 5) What happens when one is living in The Present? Chapter 2 – Being: 1) How can thoughts of the past and future get in the way of The Present? 2) How can one be happy and successful in The Present when The Present is a bad or difficult situation? 3) What happens when you focus on what is wrong in a difficult situation? How should you handle pain in The Present? 4) How can The Present be applied to a person’s personal life? Chapter 3 – Learning: 1) What role should The Past play in The Present?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) What should you do with The Past? 3) What can rob you of the joy of The Present? 4) Why is the presence of negative feelings a good time to learn? Chapter 4 – Planning: 1) What happens when one lives in The Future instead of planning for it? 2) What role does planning for the future have in success? 3) How can you begin to plan for the future? 4) How are The Past, The Present, and The Future inter-connected? 5) What does it mean to live with purpose, and how does living with purpose affect one’s life? Chapter 5 – After the Story: 1) What did Liz learn from the story and how did it change her view of success? 2) How can living in The Present affect relationships, both professional and personal? 3) After reading The Present , what is something in regards to The Past, Present, Future, or Purpose that you need to change in your life, and how do you plan to facilitate that change?...
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