syllabus - Organizational Leadership and Supervision Course...

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Unformatted text preview: Organizational Leadership and Supervision Course Title: Change Management Course Number: OLS 38600 Spring 2012 Course Description: An Interactive experience designed to look at several aspects of change. We will discuss how change affects both our personal and organizational lives. We will examine the techniques for driving organizational change, and how to make that change meaningful for both the supervisor and the employee. We will learn what skills are necessary to become a future change agent. Instructor: Bob Beck Office Hours: M-F 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. E-mail: Please arrange in advance for a time Phone: (765) 494-0193 Office: PFSB 1135A Course Goals: To introduce the student to the change process and the steps individuals go through when faced with a change in their lives, be it personal or organizational. To introduce the student to current thinking in relation to being flexible as an employee, and to managing the human side of the change process as a leader or change agent. To introduce the students to some contemporary change topics, and understand the reason why companies face continuous change in this competitive, fast-paced business environment. To instill in students the importance of researching and bringing new ideas to their future organizations and communicating these ideas in a creative way. To develop a change model that overlays some of the present change management thinking and can actually be used as a tool for driving and sustaining change in future workplace endeavors. Objectives: Objective 1 will be realized through readings and cases in Managing Transitions and related case discussions. Objective 2 is realized through reading Who Moved my Cheese ? and reflecting on the principles discussed. Objective 3 is realized through interviewing individuals and writing up change cases and/or bringing individuals to class to discuss a change that personally affected them. Objective 4 is accomplished through a directed research paper on assigned change-related books, authors, and topics. Objective 5 is realized by reading all texts and abstracting the processes for facilitating organizational change and designing a personalized change model. Textbooks: Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change ,3 rd Edition, Bridges, Da Capo Press, 2009 Tipping Point , Gladwell, Little, Brown and Company, 2002. Who Moved My Cheese? , Johnson & Blanchard, G.P. Putnams Publishing, 1998. Fish Sticks , Lundin, Christensen, Paul, Charthouse Learning, 2003. The Present, Johnson, Doubleday, 2003. Page 2 of 12 Spring 2012 Course Evaluation: Based on 510 points (Additional assignments may be added and will be figured in accordingly) 30 points Personal change essay: 2-page essay on personal change you have experienced and the steps of ending, neutral zone, and new beginning applied to your change....
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syllabus - Organizational Leadership and Supervision Course...

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