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Twelve Angry Men Worksheet What is the chance that a defendant who is … different in our society have of getting an unbiased decision? (If the jury members are working and middle class white males.) racially socially ethnically religiously politically economically What part does the following play in the jury’s verdict? Culture *hidden agenda *they *who Prejudice *attitudes *those *what Name calling *failings *them *when Humor *passions *you people *where How is concept of time kept? How important is the heat in the room? Which jury member will be the most difficult to convince to change their mind? Who is the conscious of the group? Who is the constitutional expert? Who was the standard setter (enforcer of conduct)? How was non-verbal communication used to silence the bigoted man? Who showed excellent observation skills of human nature?
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Unformatted text preview: What influencing techniques and roles do you see the following people use? Architect: _______________________Wimpy Banker_________________________ Salesman: _______________________Ex-Slum Tenant________________________ Stockbroker: _____________________Working Man__________________________ Angry father: ____________________ Salesman______________________________ Jury foreman: ____________________Prejudiced Man_________________________ Old Man: _______________________European Watch Maker___________________ On your picture sheet predict in order who will be the first 3 jurors to change their minds and who will be the last 3 to change their mind. What observations lead you to belief this?...
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