tipping_point_guide - Guide to The Tipping Point Gladwell,...

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Unformatted text preview: Guide to The Tipping Point Gladwell, M. (2002). The tipping point: How little things can make a big difference. Boston: First Back Bay Books Little, Brown and Company. Notes: 1. Information in red indicates a story Gladwell uses to make a point. Be able to explain the story and describe the concept that it illustrates. Notice that often the author will introduce a story, talk about other stories, and then come back to the first one. Its this later place that he explains the concept. (With his biggest stories like Paul Revere and Sesame Street, he makes references all the way through the book.) 2. Information in black refers to his major themes or frameworks. Be sure you understand these well. 3. If this book was all you read about change, it could occur to you that all change can be explained as a epidemic that caught on (successful change) or one that did not (failed change). With the other books and articles youve read, you know not to grasp this as the single explanation for change. Change is complex; Gladwell gives you one way to view change and to understand how to deal with it. Introduction Hush puppies, p. 3 Drugs in NYC, p. 5 Principles of Change and Epidemics, p. 9 1. contagiousness 2. little causes have big effects 3. change happens at one point, not gradually tipping point Yawn, p. 9 Tipping point origin, p. 12 1979s white flight to suburbs. Critical mass, boiling point, threshold Fax machine, p. 12 Cellular phones, p. 12 Role models & dropout and pregnancy rates, p. 12 Freezing point, p. 13 Ch 1: Three Rules of Epidemics Syphilis in Baltimore, p. 15 An epidemic tips because something has changed in infected people, the infection, or the...
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tipping_point_guide - Guide to The Tipping Point Gladwell,...

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