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transitionsquest - Student Name Class Time Managing...

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Student Name____________________ Class Time_______ Managing Transitions - Introduction, and Chapters 1 1) Explain why change is necessary for survival in today’s workplace? 2) What are the skills needed to lead change? 3) What is different about leading or managing change initiatives today then 20 or 30 years ago? 4) Explain how you are or will be a change agent at work? 5) If you are a change agent, who is the change sponsor and who is the change target? 6) Give me a specific example that will explain the difference between change and transition? 7) Describe the change cycle or the phases of transition. 8) Why might it be important to understand the change cycle when leading change or being faced with change? 9) What is the difference in self initiated change and imposed change? 10) Explain the difference between a personal, organizational, and societal change. Managing Transitions - Chapter 2 1) Read Appendix (A) before you read case # 2. Make a bulleted list of the 15 items mentioned in the appendix. This list can serve as a guide to your change model as well as guide to case # 2 in Chapter 2. 2) Compare the Appendix to case # 2 and tell how the organization might have increased its chances for success in relation to this change.
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Managing Transitions - Chapters 3 1) Explain how a person lets go of his or her old ways, ideas, or fears? 2) Why is it important to identify who is losing something?
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transitionsquest - Student Name Class Time Managing...

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