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Who Am I? We are all members of groups. If we are asked to describe who we are, most of us include information about the groups to which we belong. “I’m a student’, “I’m a member of …” and so forth. Membership in groups may be formal “I’m an employee at …” To a large extent; our memberships define who we are as individuals. 1. We can all describe ourselves in many ways. Write ten different answers to the question “Who Am I? below. Answer in terms of groups you belong to, beliefs you hold, and your roles and responsibilities. 2. Rank your answers from most important to your sense of self to least important to your sense of self.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Form a group of three, and share your self-descriptions. Count how many memberships are represented in the triad. Discuss the role of groups in your view of who you are as a person. 4. Count how many group memberships are represented in the class. Who Am I? 1. ________________________________ 2. ________________________________ 3. ________________________________ 4. ________________________________ 5. ________________________________ 6. ________________________________ 7. ________________________________ 8. ________________________________ 9. ________________________________ 10. ________________________________...
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