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Method Terms - Understand These Terms Abscissa(horizontal...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/19/11 Understand These Terms Abscissa (horizontal axis, where the IV goes), Ordinate (ver=cal axis, where the DV goes) Conceptual Defini5on Opera5onal Defini5on Confound The idea behind what the experimenter intends to manipulate (IV) and measure (DV) The precise way in which the IV and DVs are manipulated and measured (like a recipe, so others can evaluate and replicate). Uninten=onal error by experimenter. While manipula=ng one variable, is also manipula=ng another at the same =me, thus making it impossible to isolate cause In The News Today What Ques=ons Should You Be Asking When Reading Such a Claim? Is there a control group? How do non-college students fare? Is 45% aVer two years, and 36% aVer four years a lot? Compared to what? Did this study undergo stringent peer review? Published in book, not journal ar=cle? The procedures in the study may be flawed, but the authors bypassed peer review. 1 ...
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