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Prejudice Guest Lecture Purdue University William G. Graziano November 2006 Personality causes prejudice? Advanced Organizers T heoretical overview, focusing on Allport’s views on prejudice. Two forms of motives underlying prejudice: Structural vs. processes of conformity & emotion Suppression of socially undesirable emotions The empirical fingerprints of personality: Coherence Cross temporal and cross-situational consistency Agreeableness & processes of prejudice The Prejudiced Personality “One of the facts of which we are most certain is that people who reject one out group will tend to reject other out groups. If a person is anti-Jewish, he is likely to be anti-Catholic, anti-Negro, anti any out group.” --Gordon W. Allport (1954) The Nature of Prejudice The Prejudiced Personality “The evidence we reviewed constitutes a very strong argument that prejudice is basically a trait of personality . (Italics in original). When it takes root in a life it grows like a unit. The specific object of prejudice is more or less immaterial. What happens is that the whole inner life is affected; the hostility and fear are systematic.” (p. 71). The Authoritarian Personality Following World War II, horrors of Nazi Germany were revealed. How could this have happened among cultured, sophisticated people (“The nation of Beethoven”)? How can events like this be prevented? “De-Nazification.” UC-Berkeley psychologists had ideas based on Freud and psychoanalysis (1944-1950), and their personal clinical experience. H0: Child rearing practices Authoritarian Personality Authoritarian Personality Fascism Fascism Prejudice against out-groups Psychodynamic Model of Authoritarianism Highly prejudiced people had Externalized superego’s Poorly controlled Id’s, whose aggressive & sexual drives were largely fended off by the defense mechanisms of Repression
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Projection Displacement Development of Authoritarianism (a la Berkeley Group) The Punitive Pater “High authoritarians come, for the most part, from homes in which a stern and distant father dominated a submission and long-suffering but morally restrictive mother, and which discipline was an attempt to apply conventionally approved rules rather than an effort to further general values in accordance with the perceived needs of the child.” (Sanford, 1974, p. 147). The Final Nine Traits in F Scale
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Prejudice - Prejudice Guest Lecture Purdue University...

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