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the self - The Self Psy 240 Fall 2006 Purdue University Dr...

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1 1 The Self Psy 240; Fall 2006 Purdue University Dr. Kipling Williams 2 Why study the self in social psychology? Recall that social psychology is the study of how people – Think about – Influence, and – Relate to one another (or interact within situations) The self influences all of these
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2 3 The Center of Our World: Ourselves Spotlight Effect: – We over-estimate how much others are attending to us. Barry Manilow t-shirt study (Gilovich et al, 2000) Guess 50%; actually 23% Illusion of Transparency – We think our emotions are easily detected by others, when they are not. Cocktail Party Effect – In a noisy room, we can still hear our names being said. 4 Self Concept Self-concept – “Who am I?” – Self-schemas: beliefs about ourselves that help us process and organize our world Affects what you pay attention to, how quickly you process information, and what you remember – Social self – We have multiple selves • Roles Social identities – Self-knowledge – “How can I explain and predict myself?”
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