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Binomial Distribution 1 Notes Spring

Binomial Distribution 1 Notes Spring - 2 of 12 1.2...

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2 of 12 1.2 Introduction 1.2 Introduction Question 1 . For our class, 10 students wear corrective lenses and 8 do not. Find the probability of randomly selecting 4 students with replacement and 3 of the 4 wear corrective lenses. 1.3 Binomial distribution Binomial distribution. Definition 1.1 The probability of x successes in n trials with p probability of success is given by the binomial probability distribution: P ( x | n, p ) = n C x p x q ( n - x ) (1) where n C x is the number of ways you can choose x successes and n - x failures in any order. The probability of failure is q = 1 - p . Anthony Tanbakuchi MAT167
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Binomial Distribution 3 of 12 Requirements: 1. Fixed number of trials n . 2. Independent trials: p remains constant for each trial. If sampling w/o replacement & n/N 0 . 05 treat as independent. 3. Trial has 2 possible outcomes. (Y/N, T/F, blue/not blue) USING THE DISTRIBUTION Calculating binomial probability A slightly different question.
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