chua - Session IVB5 Implementation of the Chua's circuit...

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, March 20-22, 2002. Copyright © 2002, American Society for Engineering Education Session IVB5 Implementation of the Chua’s circuit and its applications Mahesh Mulukutla and Cherif Aissi 1 University of Louisiana at Lafayette, College of Engineering Lafayette, LA 70504, USA Abstract In this paper the Chua’s circuit is investigated. This oscillator consists of a passive RLC 1 C 2 block coupled to an active nonlinear resistor (Chua’s diode). Electronics Workbench (EW) simulation results showing the existence of chaos are given. The circuit implementation and experimental results referring to the double scroll attractor are reported. Applications of the Chua’s circuit in the area of communication are discussed. Introduction Chaos is a phenomenon that occurs widely in dynamical systems. From educational point of view this phenomenon was considered to be complex and was never given importance because there was no simple analysis available, which could help students to delve into this interesting phenomenon and get some hands on experience. In the current scenario, since the presence of chaos is being realized in many fields, it is good to have some insight into this phenomenon right from the undergraduate level. In this paper we develop some intuition into this phenomenon using a circuit called Chua circuit 1,2,3 and provide necessary circuit theoretical background and practical details to assist the reader. The criterion for choosing Chua’s circuit is its simplicity, though simple, it exhibits a variety of chaotic phenomena exhibited by other complex circuits, which makes it a popular circuit. There are two types of chaotic systems, autonomous and non- autonomous 4 . Chua’s circuit is an autonomous system because there is no external signal injected into the system. In this work, we show how to build Chua’s circuit using off-shelf components, describe the design methodology for constructing the nonlinear resistor and present the experimental and simulation results of the Chua’s circuit. Efforts are in progress to extend the Chua’s circuit and produce multi-scroll 5,6 attractors. Chaotic phenomenon can be used in real world applications like secure communication, medical field, fractal theory and many more. This paper discusses in brief the application of chaos in secure communication 7 . Background The Chua's circuit (a third-order autonomous, dissipative electrical circuit) has been investigated thoroughly at the experimental, numerical and analytical levels. This circuit, known for its rich repertoire of nonlinear dynamical phenomena and has become a universal paradigm for chaos. 1
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chua - Session IVB5 Implementation of the Chua's circuit...

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