10-05 Class Notes CS 107

10-05 Class Notes CS 107 - ] c. [Done] How can we get...

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See a partial solution to the Tic-Tac-More problem. In particular pay attention to the implementation of the board and how this affects the adjacency checking. Think of how using multiple variables for the board compares to an implementation using arrays, which we will discuss today. I updated the lab7 description online, for those still working on it. Still no program #4 description Announcements: This program was: A B C D E too easy just right too hard Questions? Declaring variables as private is: A B C D E optional required for a good program How can we use either int or String to manipulate month values? [ overloading methods, utility conversion methods ] a. [Done] How can we create an object and initialize it all in one step? [ Constructors ] b. [Done] How can we prevent setting invalid values for instance variables? [ make instance variables private and create get. . and set. . methods
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Unformatted text preview: ] c. [Done] How can we get nicely formatted output when we display an object using System.out.println()? * implementing the toString() method ] d. How can we chain code in Constructors so we don't have to write the same code multiple times? [ chain constructors using this as the first action in the constructor ] e. How can we make a copy of an object? [ copy constructor] f. Problems and [ solutions ], not necessarily in the following order. Last Time & Today: 10-05 Class Notes CS 107 Wednesday, October 05, 2011 1:08 PM CS 107 Fall 2011 Page 1 Deep vs. Shallow copy of an object: Consider having an Employee class that itself has in instance of Date . Create a copy constructor for the Employee class. What happens to the Date? How can we do a deep comparison of objects? [ implement an equals(. .) method ] g. CS 107 Fall 2011 Page 2...
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10-05 Class Notes CS 107 - ] c. [Done] How can we get...

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