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10-24 Class Notes CS 107 - code we have used in class...

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Midterm #2 in class Wed. and during your regular lab Tues/Wed this week. 1. The exam will only cover material up through what we discuss today in class, so most of the recursion problems from previous exams likely will not be on ours Wednesday. 2. The in-lab exam will require you to implement a class so that the supplied driver code will compile and run. The second problem on the in-lab exam asks you to use that class along with code to sort. You should know how to use the sample sorting
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Unformatted text preview: code we have used in class applied to different types (int, Date, etc.) 3. 4. See solution (currently just for extra credit version) to prog #4 posted online Announcements: Questions? Using arrays: Binary search, Bubble sort Last Time: Today: Selection Sort, sorting using different types [See code developed during class] 10-24 Class Notes CS 107 Monday, October 24, 2011 2:08 PM CS 107 Fall 2011 Page 1...
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